Precision Systems and Instrumentations


TBI-0310 Head Trauma Device

What is the warranty, servicing, and return policy?

TBI-0310 Warranty
Purchase of a TBI unit includes 12 month warranty. The warranty covers repairs due to defects in manufacturing only. Technical support via telephone or email is provided for setup and operation while the unit is under warranty.

TBI-0310 Total Servicing
Yearly service of the TBI unit is recommended. Contact your Precision Systems and Instrumentation, LLC, representative for current price quotation for yearly TBI service. The annual service includes a 90 day warranty from the date the serviced unit ships from our facility. Annual service includes inspection and cleaning of all components, reinstallation and updating of system firmware, and sensor recalibration.

TBI-0310 Return Policy
If a new TBI unit fails to meet operation standards due to workmanship or materials defects it may be returned at no cost up to 60 days from the date of delivery to the purchaser's specified shipping location. If the unit is returned up to 60 days from the date of delivery to the purchaser's specified shipping location for any other reason a restocking charge will apply. The minimum restocking charge is 20% of the cost of the unit. TBI units may not be returned for credit beyond 60 days from the date of delivery to the purchaser's specified shipping location without a return authorization. The authority to grant a return authorization rests solely with and is completely at the discretion of Precision Systems and Integration LLC.

What is the estimated delivery of the TBI-0310 impactor?

Estimated delivery is 8-10 weeks from when the purchase order is received.

What stereotaxic frame can be used with the TBI-0310?

The TBI comes with everything except a user-supplied stereotaxic frame. If you do not have a frame, Precision Systems and Instrumentation, LLC, can provide information about ordering stereotaxic frames and other equipment that can be used with our TBI. PSI does not sell stereotaxic frames. If you already have a frame, please make sure the fame meets the following requirements: (1) It must be able to detach from its base and attach to a stand post; (2) It needs to be able to rotate in the horizontal plane by as much as 45°.

Once you have identified an appropriate stereotaxic frame, please send PSI the diameter of the post your frame fits on, and we will install that diameter post on the base plate.