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IH-0400 Spinal Cord Impactor

What is the warranty, servicing, and return policy?

IH-0400 Warranty
Purchase of an IH-0400 unit includes 12 month warranty. The warranty covers repairs due to defects in manufacturing only. Technical support via telephone or email is provided for setup and operation while the unit is under warranty.

IH-0400 Total Servicing
For a unit that is out of warranty and needs tuning up, we offer an overhaul for a flat rate. The unit would need to be shipped to us (Kentucky, USA) for repair. The overhaul service includes evaluating the system including both mechanical and electronic. This would include tightening and replacing bushings if necessary, adjusting and lubricating the x, y, z mechanical adjustment screws. The system would be brought up to the latest firmware revision. We would replace the circuit boards for the problem you are experiencing. The service would also include re-certification of the force sensor. The force sensor is sent out to a 3rd party for the re-cert and requires about 2 weeks to turn around. Therefore we would need 3 weeks to perform the service and return the IH-0400 to you. Should the force sensor be found unable to be recertified, there is an additional charge. Please contact PSI for a quote for total servicing.

IH-0400 Return Policy
If a new IH-0400 unit fails to meet operation standards due to workmanship or materials defects it may be returned at no cost up to 60 days from the date of delivery to the purchaser's specified shipping location. If the unit is returned up to 60 days from the date of delivery to the purchaser's specified shipping location for any other reason a restocking charge will apply. The minimum restocking charge is 20% of the cost of the unit. IH-0400 units may not be returned for credit beyond 60 days from the date of delivery to the purchaser's specified shipping location without a return authorization. The authority to grant a return authorization rests solely with and is completely at the discretion of Precision Systems and Integration LLC.

What are the computer specifications to run the IH-0400 software?

The computer requires about 4M of memory and 2.5M of disc space. Any of the windows operating systems will work. We provide a serial to USB adaptor for computers without a 9 pin serial connector. Our software is not compatible with the Mac.

How should the forceps be sterilized?

To sterilize forceps, rinse in hot water, dry, and place in hot bead sterilizer for 10 seconds or place in an iodine solution for 30 seconds. DO NOT AUTOCLAVE.

What is the estimated delivery of the IH-0400 impactor?

Estimated delivery is 6-8 weeks from when the purchase order is received.

How should ball joints (arms on surgery plate) be treated?

1. Do not assemble ball joints too tightly as it wears the threads. Never move the ball joints if they are screwed on tightly.

2. Loosen the ball joints slightly before moving the arms.

3. Ball joints do not need to be disassembled.

4. Since the animal never touches the ball joints, there is no need to sterilize. Wipe the ball joints with soap and warm water as needed. Never put ball joints in autoclave. 

5. You may want to place a plastic bag over each arm during surgery and discard bags after surgery to keep the joints clean.

How should impactor tips be cleaned?

Impactor tips are made of 303 stainless steel and should be cleaned with alcohol between animals. To sterilize tips at end of surgery place in autoclave or hot bead sterilizer for a couple minutes. The hot bead sterilizer will do the same job as autoclave and take less time.