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IH Spinal Cord Impactor Software

The IH Spinal Cord Impactor Software Version 5.0 is the newest version of the impactor control software. It has been designed to fix small bugs in the user interface, fix problems with dwell time settings, and be fully compatible with the version 5.0 firmware release. If you have the previous PC software installed, there is no need to remove it as both versions can be installed at the same time and either one may be used to control the impactor for experiments. Upgrading both the PC software and the system firmware is recommended though for best results. To install version 5.0 of the PC software, download the file below, unzip it, and execute the setup file. The setup file also contains a copy of the updated software manual.  NOTE USING WINDOWS 10: If you receive an error message, "The operating system is not adequate for running the PSI software," open the download folder again. A second message, "Would you like to try to load the program using the compatibility assistant?" appears. Select "Yes" and the software will load.